The question guiding this
review is:
‘What is the value of arts and culture for people living with a dementia?’ The methods used to investigate this question are qualitative. These comprise a conceptual and critical review of existing evidence concerning the impact of arts and culture on people living with a dementia.

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The final report will be available once it has been approved by the AHRC. This is a critical review, that integrates findings from the literature review, observations of the four projects that were visited and themes from the interviews with participants and with the artists and others involved in each project. The report also includes a series of recommendations concerning ways of strengthening the evidence base in this area and the particular value of the participative arts for people living with a dementia.

Findings from the literature review have recently been published in “International Journal of Ageing and Later Life” and can be advance accessed here:

Some of Hannah Zeilig’s experiences during Mark Making are explored in this blog post for the Medical Humanities: Medical Humanities blog

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