The question guiding this
review is:
‘What is the value of arts and culture for people living with a dementia?’ The methods used to investigate this question are qualitative. These comprise a conceptual and critical review of existing evidence concerning the impact of arts and culture on people living with a dementia.

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A full and comprehensive series of recommendations will be available once the project has been approved by the funders.

These are likely to include general recommendations about:

  • How the evidence base can be strengthened
  • – For instance with reference to meaningful theoretical or conceptual frameworks
    – By ensuring that studies take place over longer time periods
    – By exploring the processes that underlie arts projects.

  • Methods of evaluation
  • – Studies that use a variety of evaluative methods (for instance RCT designs that also use qualitative data and studies that use a range of qualitative data) are needed
    – Consideration should be given to the number and style of questionnaires that PWD are expected to answer (as noted by Rosenberg et al: 2009)
    – There is a scarcity of research that evaluates the role of the arts for PWD who are in more advanced stages of the condition.

As well as more specific recommendations about:

  • How participatory arts projects can be improved for people living with a dementia.
  • The particular value of participatory arts projects for people living with a dementia.