The question guiding this
review is:
‘What is the value of arts and culture for people living with a dementia?’ The methods used to investigate this question are qualitative. These comprise a conceptual and critical review of existing evidence concerning the impact of arts and culture on people living with a dementia.

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Mark Making will be disseminated widely


Mark Making will be disseminated widely. Once the analysis and report are complete, these will also be used as the basis for a peer-reviewed paper. In addition, several papers are already planned (and one has been accepted) for presentation at national and international conferences:

Dr. Hannah Zeilig is discussing Mark Making within her paper ‘Imagining Dementia’ at the 8th International Cultural Gerontology Conference April 10th – 12th2014: Link

Dr. Hannah Zeilig is an invited speaker at a national conference hosted by the British Library Portraying Ageing: Cultural Assumptions and Practical Implications, Apr. 28, British Library Conference Centre, 09.30-4.15. Mark Making will be central to the paper that Dr. Zeilig presents which is titled ‘What do we mean when we talk about Dementia?’

The project team is submitting an abstract to the annual British Society of Gerontology conference: Link